At Royale Security Company we develop customized security programs for museums, galleries, theaters, concert venues and other cultural centers. Our advanced protective services ensure the safety of our clients' assets, customers and employees.

After understanding our clients' needs and assessing property specifics, we develop and align a comprehensive security program that is constantly upgraded. Our control measures and practices meet our clients' particular needs in managing public cultural spaces and promoting security and customer service. We understand the importance of protecting cultural assets that have a direct influence in our society.

1. Access Control
2. Concierge & Reception Services
3. Control Room Operations
4. Emergency Medical Technician 
5. Emergency Procedures & Response
6. Escort Service
7. Evacuation Planning
8. Fire Safety
9. Incident Reporting
10. Law Enforcement Communication
11. Loss Prevention
12. On Demand Security
13. Parcel Inspection
14. Parking Security & Traffic Control
15. Patrol
16. Uniformed Guards
17. X-Ray & Wand Device Operation