Our Company
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Our management philosophy is based on the principles of leadership, employee motivation and customer service. Our management team is not only reactive, but proactive in providing a secure environment for our customers. Our management team develops customized security plans that meet our clients' specific needs through the use of leading industry practices. Through our hands-on approach we are able to build trusting relationships with staff and customers.

Dedicated Manager

Our management support ensures that clients receive the responsiveness they deserve.  Each account has a dedicated manager, there is no ambiguity; managers take full responsibility for their accounts.  Strong leadership is important to remain attentive to daily operations, flexible and close to the needs of our customers.

Executive Management

Royale Security Executives are in constant communication with dedicated managers and are involved in developing and improving security strategies for a variety of industries.

Top Quality Management Program

Our Top Quality Management (TQM) program assures consistency in the level of service.  Through this program we integrate all functions of our business to create and implement a continuous improvement process, producing results that exceed our customers’ expectations.