At Royale Security Company we ensure that business thrives and prospers by protecting our clients' property, equipment, products and employees in the following industrial sectors: raw material extraction, refining, construction, manufacturing, distribution and research & development.

After analyzing the property layout, business operations and corporate culture we develop security programs based on the industries best practices, methodologies and technologies to assure a secure environment for our clients. We constantly monitor and review the implemented security plan to assure compliance with security measures and our clients' specific needs.

1. Access Control
2. Concierge & Reception Services
3. Control Room Operations
4. Emergency Medical Technician 
5. Emergency Procedures & Response
6. Escort Service
7. Evacuation Planning
8. Fire Safety
9. Incident Reporting
10. Law Enforcement Communication
11. Loss Prevention
12. On Demand Security
13. Parcel Inspection
14. Parking Security & Traffic Control
15. Patrol
16. Strike
17. Uniformed Guards
18. X-Ray & Wand Device Operation